The secret is out! Greenville Escape Room is one of the top event venues in Greenville! After opening in late July, many people have come and tried to escape our rooms. Some have successfully escaped, while others have not. Below, we have compiled a list of five secrets for you and your group to help make sure your group escapes successfully.

Secret #1: Download the ‘iOnGreenville‘ app for a free clue

Did you know if you download the ‘iOnGreenville’ app prior to arriving it will send you a free clue upon arrival at our location. The links to download the app are below!

Android Device: 

Apple Device:

Secret #2: Dress the Part

What better way of preparing to escape than by dressing the part! A different look may come in handy depending on the room your group chooses for their experience. For example, if you choose to try and escape ‘The Cure’, dressing like a scientist may be helpful. However, if you are coming to experience a room such as the “Missing Musician”, you may want to come dressed as a detective since that room is more investigative work. These are just a couple of great costume ideas to wear when experiencing Greenville Escape Room!

Secret #3: Work Together

Yes, as obvious as this may sound, many groups forget that this is key to escaping a room. In all of our rooms, it is critical to make sure your group works together on each clue in order to breakout.

Secret #4: Develop a Strategy

Making sure that your group has a plan before going into a room might be the difference between success and failure. You may want to assign your team members with certain jobs once you enter the room. Clues are given during the duration of the game, so you may want to have someone keep an eye on the screen to catch the clues as they come.

Secret #5: Have Fun!

This is the most important secret in this article! If you don’t have fun while experiencing an escape game, why do it? Even though your adrenaline will be pumping throughout your experience, keep in mind that having fun is your number one priority!

Greenville Escape Room is a great way to get to know the people in your group better. Whether your group is a bunch of coworkers or friends, you will have a great time and get to know the people in your group better. To find out more information about booking your experience at Greenville’s premiere breakout experience, contact us today!