With the holidays quickly approaching, offices will begin planning their holiday parties. This year, why not try something different? Greenville Escape Room is a premiere venue for your office party this year! Instead of your typical gift exchange, why not make you and your coworkers save the world by finding the antidote to a virus? How about helping solve the mystery of the “Missing Musician?” If you and some of your office mates are more daring, how about trying to escape the castle before the “beast” awakes? All of the scenarios guarantee that your office party will be a hit!

Greenville Escape Room prides itself in hosting offices parties of all kinds. When you plan your office party with us, we guarantee you one thing, your group will have a lot of fun! Being locked in a room with your coworkers and having to work together to solve clues and puzzles to escape in time will be a Christmas party you and your coworkers will remember for a long time!

For more information into booking your holiday party with us, email us at: greenvilleescaperoom.com!