1. The Pre-Game Excitement!

The adrenaline is pumping through your veins as you and your group get ready to enter the room. As you enter the room, the nerves and adrenaline intensify as you begin scouring the room for clues!

2. Searching for the First Clue

As the time begins to tick, your group desperately tries to find the first clue in the room that will help you begin your way to escaping. As the clock continues to get countdown, you become more desperate as you try to hunt and solve the first clue.

3. Begging the Game Master for a Hint

You are desperate to solve a clue. You have searched high and low and still haven’t been able to solve it. Then you turn to the one person who can help…the Game Master!

4. What does THIS mean?

Nobody in your group can figure out the clue to the puzzle you are working on. You all gather around and scheme together to guess what it could possibly mean! You grab a pen and paper and frantically write like a rocket scientist trying to solve the clues available to you in the room!

5. That moment you solve a clue!

When you and your group have worked tirelessly on solving a certain clue and FINALLY you get it right! A wave of relief sweeps across your group and some even break out into dance!

6. That moment you finally escape!

As the clock ticks closer to zero as you work on the last clue frantically. Trying over and over to get it right to no avail. Then, someone solves it and enters the code…and WHAM! The door unlocks and your group is victorious with only seconds to spare!


Does this sound like fun to you? You can experience the fun of a escape room today! Schedule a room for you and your friends today! We hope to see you soon!