Hi there! My name is Chelsea and I am a relatively new resident of Greenville area. I moved here in December of 2016 from the finger lakes of New York. If you haven’t heard of that area you should check it out! Wine country is a beautiful place! I graduated May of 2016 from a private college with a dual degree in Early Childhood Education/Special Education with a concentration in American Sign Language.

Prior to my employment at Escape Room, I had never had any experience with this type of game. I applied to pick up some extra income in addition to working at a preschool. I ultimately fell in love with the store and this company and gave up preschool. I still continue to coach swimming part-time and substitute teach. I also recently took on the management position at Craft Axe Throwing with the same owners of Escape Room!

My first escape experience was in our Missing Musician room. I had no idea what to expect. It was just my boyfriend and myself both newbies to the escape room scene. We frantically searched the room trying to find out where to begin. Soon through the helpful clue of our game master we were working through the clues at a great pace opening locks and laughing along the way. It was exhilarating and exciting. It forced us to think and talk in a way we usually don’t during any other experience. We, unfortunately, did not make it out of the room.

Shortly after that, I grabbed two of my new girlfriends and we dove head first into our LiCastro’s Lair. Knowing a bit more now about how an escape room worked we were quickly moving right along. With a few jump scares to keep us on our toes, we worked together and bonded even closer than ever before! We had had plenty lunches and dinners out, but this created a whole new bond!

After my experiences, I realized that these rooms are a great way to solidify and strengthen a team of any sort. It was a great date, amazing girls’ night out, and could even be an AMAZING team building experience.

I have even taken my staff to local competitors because these games are so addicting and help build up a staff in a way that normal team builds or lunches out can’t do.

An Escape Room is something everyone needs to try at least once, although once will not be enough. One room is enough to hook anyone to the thrill of beating the clock!

Jump in and jump on board! Give Greenville Escape Room a try today! Come and see for yourself the bonding and thrilling experience that our Escape Room gave me. Vetted in the escape room experience? Fear not! We have rooms for even a more experienced customer. Give us a call, shoot us an email, or book online today! We hope to see you soon!