Make Greenville Escape Room a priority on your list of summer activities this year.

As summer is about to begin, many families and friends will be looking for fun activities to take part in this summer. Whether you are in high school, college or a parent looking to have an hour of peace and quiet without the kids, Greenville Escape Room is for anyone!

Our three rooms provide a wide variety for the type of experience you desire. The Cure is based on your group having to stop a virus from being released on the population. Break into the lab and save the day! Missing Musician is our mystery-themed room. If you read Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys as kids, this room is for you. You must solve the mystery of the musician who mysteriously disappeared. Our third room is Licastro’s Lair. If you crave thrill and items that will make you jump, this room is perfect for you. Your group must find their way out of the “beasts” lair before he wakes up.

Do these rooms sound like fun to you? Grab your escape group and plan your visit with us today. Click the button below to get started!