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Craft Axe Throwing

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Greenville's #1 Escape Room

Greenville Escape Room challenges your brain on all levels. Solve puzzles, crack codes and find clues before time runs out! Are you up to the challenge?



The Escape Room is a real life adventure game that provides challenging puzzles for the most die-hard gamers. See if you can beat the current records!

Friends & Family

If you’re looking for a challenging adventure with your friends and family, the Escape Room will more than entertain your friends and even your grandparents.

Companies & Events

Escape Room is a great way to build relationships and put your group in situations where cooperation and leadership matter. Safer than trust fall exercises and more fun.

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Tourists & Travelers

Live Escape Games are some of the hottest new attractions around the globe and Escape Room is a must stop destination while you’re in Greenville.

"I absolutely cannot wait to go back!"


"Great Customer Service!"


"Fun Date Night Idea!"


"Literally the most fun I've had in ages!"


"We are still talking about how much fun it was!"


The Cure

(Up to 5 people)


Completion Rate

Have you ever thought what would happen if a rogue nation had let loose a massive bio-terror attack?

A nefarious rogue group is intent on letting loose this bio-terror and creating havoc around the globe.  We’re sending you in to find the antidote.  Read More…. 

Missing Musician

(Up to 10 people)


Completion Rate

Your mentor and one of the world’s premier musicians has gone missing.

You decide to investigate but once in his study the door has shut and locked behind you.  Read More…

Licastro’s Lair

(Up to 10 people)


Completion Rate

You and your friends have stumbled upon an old castle during a late afternoon hike, and you decide to explore. As you wander deeper into the domain, you come across a dark room with a mysterious inscription on the wall that claims the nocturnal resident will rise at sundown with a thirst for blood…  Read More…

Are you up to the challenge?